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Andres Ramirez Portilla




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Andrés obtained his Bachelor degree with a major in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Systems Engineering from the Tec de Monterrey (Campus CEM) in 2005. Since then he has developed his professional career in parallel between the industry and academia. His experience in industry includes his participation in logistics and distribution projects at Reader's Digest (2004) and L'Oréal (2005), as well as strategic positions in the Sales area at Nestlé (2006), and in the Purchasing and Procurement area in General Motors (2007), Chrysler (2008) and Fiat-Chrysler (2011). His academic background includes graduate certificates in Business and Administration at the University of British Columbia (2005) and the London School of Business and Finance (2008), a triple joint master's degree in Strategic Project Management at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, Politecnico di Milano in Italy, and Umeå University in Sweden (2008-2010). He also obtained a Master's degree in Management of Energy and Renewable Resources from the Tec de Monterrey (2016).

He obtained two doctoral degrees, one in Industrial Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and another one in Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy (2016). He has co-supervised more than 22 undergraduate degree projects, 7 undergrad dissertations, 23 master's theses, and 1 doctoral thesis. He has presented and published more than 30 articles in international conferences and scientific journals. He is a member of the Scientific Panel of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM), the most active, oldest and largest innovation professionals association in Europe. He is an active member of Mexico´s System of National Researchers - SNI (Level 1). He is currently an Associate Professor and head of research at the Department of Business Studies of the Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México.


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Current research:

• Strategic Design tools and methodologies for collaborative innovation;
• Corporate Social Responsability in Latin America;
• Open Innovation and Collaboration Models for SMEs.

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