Admission requirements

EDIM candidates are recruited to the programme once a year, and only through the online application instrument. Therefore, we do not assess spontaneous applications, neither do we keep file of such applications for consideration at a later stage.


For an application to be academically and administratively eligible for assessment, the candidate must fulfill and prove the minimum requirements listed below. If the applicant fails to either fulfill the criteria or fails to prove fulfillment of the criteria before the application period closes, the application will be considered ineligble and will not be assessed at any stage of the admission period.
- A higher education degree of engineering or technology on the MSc level of the European LMD system (300 ECTS credits)
- A minimum TOEFL (test of English as a foreign language) score of 600 in the paper-based test, 250 in the computer-based test/100 in the Internet based test, or an IELTS (International English language Testing System) score of 6.


If you believe that the refusal of your application was incorrect, you may appeal the decision. To appeal, you must send a letter explaining your reasons for this to the EDIM Programme Office within two weeks of the day your were notified on the consortium decision.

Kristin Lohse, Administrative Programme Coordinator
EDIM Programme Office
Industrial Economics and Management
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
SE-100 44 Stockholm


Application and deadlines

You are welcome to apply to the programme only during the application period, typically opening in mid-September and closing in mid-November each year.


The application period for EDIM V, the class of 2015, is open between the 15th of September and the 15th of November 2014.

For the 2015 candidate intake, the research themes are:

1. Industrial Dynamics Theme
Sub-research areas within Industrial Dynamics
1a. Industrial Change Processes
1b: Systems of Innovations
1c. Technological Change and Development
1d. Industrial and Science Policy
1f. Globalisation and its impact

2. Management theme
Sub-research areas within Management
2b. Energy Strategy and Management
2c. Corporate Finance
2d. Project Management
2e. Industrial Marketing
2f. Business Development and Entrepreneurship
2g. Human Resource Management and Leadership
2h. Innovation Management

3. Operations and supply chain management theme
Sub-research areas within Operations and supply chain management
3a. Operations Strategy and Management
3b. Production and Service Systems Design
3c. Risk Management
3d.Service Operations Management
3e. Supply Chain Management and Logistics
3f. Ergonomics, System Safety Engineering and Human Factors

Apply here

The complete application file consists of:

The completed application form with all required electronic documents attached. Fill in the online application form and attach electronic copies of the documents requested in the online application instrument.

For your application to be valid, you must also send the below listed documents to the EDIM programme office. Do not send any other documents in hard copy to the EDIM programme office. The documents should be post stamped on the 15th of November 2014 at the very latest and should include:

- A legalized copy of diplomas/degrees including the transcripts of the Masters degree with an official translation in English.

- Copies of English language tests scores (TOEFL, IELTS) and English language certificates.

- 2 recent passport photos.

- Two letters of recommendation in English in hard copy. One reference letter must be written by a professor at your university of origin and the other reference letter must be written by your master thesis supervisor. The reference letters must state the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the reference persons.

Send these, and only these documents in hard copy to:

Kristin Lohse, Administrative Programme Coordinator
EDIM Programme Office
Industrial Economics and Management,
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, The Royal Institute of Technology
Lindstedtsvägen 30
SE-100 44 Stockholm

Note that you will be requested to submit several other electronic documents in the online application for your application to be assessed as administratively eligible. If your online application is not complete with all electronic documents attached by the 15th of November 2014, it will automatically be considered ineligible. Detailed instructions on which electronic documents should be attached is provided in the online application instrument and include:

- A legalized copy of diplomas/degrees including the transcripts of the Masters degree with an official translation in English.
- Copies of English language tests scores (TOEFL, IELTS) and English language certificates.
- Recent GMAT scores if any.
- Curriculum Vitae in the European format maximum 2 pages.
- A statement letter in English (max 2 pages) describing why you think you are the suitable candidate.
- Copy of passport information page (should include the passport number, your name, and your photo) or copy of your identity card and a proof of request for a new passport.
- Publication list and Patents in English if applicable.
- A research draft of maximum 5000 (in English) words outlining research area, possible research questions that the candidate wants to pursue, theoretical perspectives and methodology.

Application form
Curriculum Vitae, European format
Definition of catagory A and B candidates 

Your personal data will be sent to the EACEA agency and might also be sent to other bodies involved in the management of Erasmus Mundus (i.e. European Commission, Erasmus Mundus National Structures, EU Delegations, Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association).

Selection results

Approximate timetable for communication of the selection results (class of 2015)

19th of September to 15th of November 2014: Online application open

16th of November 2013 to 15th of January 2015: Eligibility check

30th of January 2015: Notification to non-eligible applicants

16th of January to 15th of April 2015: Ranking of applicants

30th of April 2015: Notification on admission/ranking



First selection

The candidates will be ranked weighed on the following criteria:

a) Academic performance (e.g. master thesis, transcripts etc) 35 %
b) English language proficiency 10%
c) Quality of the university that issued the degree 20%
d) Research proposal draft 20%
e) Motivation, and relevant experience (e.g. previous work, skills etc) 15%

Final selection

Based on the first selection ranking list a short listed number of candidates will be personally interviewed by the consortium partners for the final selection.


Partner universities

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Our participants

  • Emrah Karakaya - Edition I

    EDIM is a great opportunity to learn from diverse cultures, grow in double academic areas, contribute to each other and be recognized in a large network. It is a unique doctoral program with its multi-disciplinary research topics and quarterly workshops. I love EDIM!
  • Andres Ramirez Portilla – Edition I

    One of the great advantages of this program is the EDIM workshops, where you can develop and enhance your academic and professional networking. The EDIM workshops need to be considered as a best practice by other Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate programs
  • Sudipa Sarker – Edition II

    I am glad to be part of this program not only because of the opportunities EDIM has created for me but also for the wonderful people I have come across during this program. I hope that the future days will be as thrilling, inspiring and stimulating as it has been
  • Simon Okwir – Edition II

    EDIM for me is an industry of knowledge and where you find a career. When it comes to my future uncertainties, EDIM is a combination of both: present partners and future lifelong contacts
  • Maksim Miterev – Edition II

    EDIM is a life changing experience: it has changed where I live, what I do, whom I know and what I want. It's also a great source of friends and potential future colleagues. I feel part of a large international community of interesting people with lots of common interests
  • Anna Darmani – Edition I

    EDIM is like a journey. But, not only a research journey! EDIM is a program by which you can explore different cultures, systems, environments as well as knowledge perspectives. I believe EDIM is one of the best programs for experiencing different managerial contexts
  • Seyoum Birkie Eshetu - Edition I

    Being part of EDIM is more than just doing a PhD. It is about creating family within the academic circle. I am happy to be part of this diverse community with ample informal learning opportunities